Name Downsizing Online Estate Auction- August 11th 2018
Auctioneer Yep Auction Service
Type Online-Only Auction
Date(s) 8/3/2018 - 8/11/2018
Checkout Date/Time MONDAY AUGUST 13TH 3-8PM TIME SLOTS A) 3-4 pm B) 4-5 pm C) 5-6 pm D) 6-7 pm E) 7-8 pm
Location 1309 BOUSLOG RD. SUITE 109
Burlington, WA 98233
Buyer Premium 10% Buyer's Premium
Downsizing Online Estate Auction- August 11th 2018 Vintage & Antique Items Steuben Glass LOT #110, 131, 139, 242, 251 Nautical-Ships Lanterns LOT #106, 136 & (151 is an ice bucket) Stoneware Crocks LOT #104, 120, 135, 144 Snowshoes LOT #114, 285 Toboggans LOT #127, 147, 170 Huge Collection of Seashells Wood Blanket Chests/Trunks LOT #102, 190, 347, 461 Carved Wood Furniture LOT #110, 131, 139, 242, 251 Exceptional Classical Style Display Cabinet LOT #108 Exceptional Mahogany Marble Top Furniture LOT #116, 117, 118, 129, 130 Griswold Cast Iron LOT #119, 128, 146 Country Cottage Bedroom Suite LOT #124 Royal Doulton Character Mugs Carved Wooden Animals of All Kinds Painted Axe and Crosscut Saw Noritake China Victorian Lamps Duck Decoys Shaving Mirrors Original Artwork African Carvings Attention Cat Lovers - Plenty of Cats Here. 100 Zenith Wave Magnet Trans- Oceanic Portable Radio 101 Table Lamp, Antique, Glass & Brass 102 Solid Wood Chest, Hand Carved Panels 103 Handmade Glazed Terra Cotta Jar W/ 104 No 3 Stoneware Crock By Garden City Pa Clay Co 105 Carved Wooden Cat, Natural Grain W/ 106 Brass Ship's Lantern, Japanese, Vintage, Clear 107 Giant Fishing Lure By Ken Picou 1998 108 Display Cabinet, Antique, Classical Style 109 Antique Bowl, Reinhold Schlegelmilch 110 Steuben Glass Paperweight, Signed 111 Neogastropoda Sea Shell, 10" X 7" 112 Royal Doulton Character Mug, Neptune 113 Pair Of Vintage Side Tables By Jinlong 114 American Snow Shoes, Antique, 115 Shaving Mirror, Antique, Wood 116 Chest Of Drawers, Vintage, Mahogany Wood 117 Sideboard, Vintage, Mahogany Wood, 118 Side Cabinet, Vintage, Mahogany Wood 119 Griswold No 9 Tite Top Dutch Oven 120 Stoneware Crock Marshall Pottery Inc 121 Shaving Mirror, Antique, Carved Wood 122 Early Copper Boiler Wash Tub, Atlantic 123 Cross Cut Saw, Hand Painted , 45" 124 Bedroom Suite,vintage American Painted Cottage*** 125 Antique Mirror, Hand Carved Wood Frame 126 Vintage Wooden Spice Rack 127 Toboggan, Vintage Dark Wood 94x17.5" 128 Griswold Number 11 Tite-top Dutch Oven. 15x9" 129 Parlor Table, Mahogany Wood, Marble Top, Beveled 130 Coffee Table, Vintage, Mahogany Wood, 131 Steuben Glass Paperweight, 4" Globe 132 Antique Bowl Reinhold And Schlegelmilch 133 Curio Display Stand, Vintage, Burl And Rose Wood 134 Bar Cabinet, Black Lacquer, Vintage 135 Stoneware Crock Robinson Ransbottom Stamped C 136 Vintage Ships Lantern By William Harvey & Co. 137 Carved Swordfish 21x6" 138 The Non Explosive Lamp. Made In U.s.a. 139 Steuben Glass Paperweight, 4" Globe 140 Antique Plate Reinhold And Schlegelmilch 141 Antique Tea Service, Royal Rudolstadt 142 Antique Bowl Reinhold And Schlegelmilch 143 Antique Bowl Reinhold And Schlegelmilch 144 12 Gallon Red Wing Stoneware Crock 145 Le Creuset #16 Pan, Enamel Coated Cast Iron 146 Griswold No. 32 962, Apple Cake Pan 147 Lund Vintage Toboggan, 86x18.5" 7 Slats With 148 Hand Painted Vintage Axe, True Temper 149 Mountaineering Axe, Hope Alpinist 30cm. This 150 Bronze Sculpture, Gentle Giant By J. Wyatt. 151 Ships Lantern Ice Bucket 152 Viking Brass Lantern 153 Royal Doulton Old Salt Character Mug 154 Vintage Noritake China Set Made In Japan. 155 Noritake Ivory China Set 1948-1952 156 Brass Fireplace Set, Horse Head Handles 157 Cast Iron Foot Stool 158 Life Sized Butler. 6' X 34" 159 Huge Copper Pan 14.75", Aluminum Handle. 160 5 Piece Copper Set 161 Early American Parlor Rocker. Extremely Handsome 162 Two Vintage Brass Owl Fireplace Andirons 163 Heron Stained Glass Window With Frame. 164 Hot Air Balloon Stained Glass Window With Frame 165 Bow Front Curio Cabinet, Lighted With Glass 166 Small Wooden Wall Cabinet, Glass Shelves 167 1960 Wall Cabinet, Display Shelf. 168 Bronze Sculpture, Cradle Of The Sea By J. Wyatt. 169 Driftwood And Seashell Art 170 Toboggan 60x14", 6 Slats, Chain And Screw 171 Wind Chime, Sun And Rainbow. 172 Flexible Flyer Model 60", 173 Royal Doulton Athos 1955 Character Mug 174 Royal Doulton Smuggler 1967 Character Mug 175 Royal Doulton Long John Silver 1951 Character Mug 176 Royal Doulton Veteran Motorist 1972 Character Mug 177 Royal Doulton Yachtsman 1970 Character Mug 178 Royal Doulton Merlin 1959 Character Mug 179 Royal Doulton The Wizard 1990 Character Mug 180 Royal Doulton Old Charley Character Mug 181 Royal Doulton Leprechaun 1989 Character Mug 182 Repaired Royal Doulton Lobster Man 1967character 183 Drunken Lad Pipe Holder. 184 Toby Style Stein 185 Brass Thermometer Ships Wheel, Glass Front, 187 Antique Parlor Cabinet, French Bevel Mirror 188 Giuseppe Armani Horse Figurine, Vintage 189 Display Shelf, Brass And Glass 190 Wooden Blanket Chest, Brass Hardware 200 Mahogany Solid Wood Dresser Set 201 Antique Lap Coffee Grinder. Pine, Finger Joints 202 Wicker Chest, Painted White, Brass Latch 203 Multi Colored Net Hammock 204 Angel Dog Bird House, Wood, 15 X 13 205 Cat Bird House, Wood, 16 X 11 206 Woodward's Pure Sugar Stick Candy Crate 207 Pair Handle Baskets 208 Vintage Metal Wall Shelf, 17w X 14h 209 Wooden Serving Tray With Metal Insert 210 Wooden Vanity With Mirror Georgian Or Colonial Sty 211 Milk Glass Vase On Rosewood Pedestal 212 Colonial Chest Of Drawers With Writing Desk, 213 Wood Bird House Triplex With Porch 214 Dremel Power Tool Accessory Case 215 Oval Wall Mirror, Vintage, Wood Frame With 216 Austrian Porcelain Jar With Lid 217 Large Antique Slag Glass Lamp Shade 218 White Coral, 7 X 7 X 4.5 219 Drum Table, Vintage, Leather Top 220 Art Nouveau Mirror, Vintage, Carved Wood 221 Art Pedestal, 18 X 12 X 12 222 Table Lamp, Vintage, Chinoiserie Design 223 Seashell Sea Erchin 224 Seashell Mesogastropada Tonnacea Helmet 225 Seashell Neoastropada Buccinacea 226 Seashell Megagastropada Cypraecea 227 Coral 228 Seashell 229 Long Mirror, Gold Accented Frame 230 Seashell Neogastropada Muricacea 231 Chinoiserie Panels Of Asian Ladies, 232 Carved Wood Mask 7.25 X 8.5 233 Original Oil Painting On Board, Bouquet Still Life 233A Original Oil Painting On Board, Bouquet Still Life 233B Original Oil Painting On Board, Bouquet Still Life 234 Lidded Chamber Pot, Vintage, 235 Pair Vintage Lacquered Fan Plates 236 Cast Iron Cauldron, Vintage, Footed, Red 237 Handyman's Birdhouse, Repurpose Art, 238 Fishing Basket, Vintage, Woven Willow 239 Original Mini Acrylic Paintings By Margo 240 Pair Stained Glass Window Panels 241 Seashell Mesogastrapada Tonnacea Helmet 242 Steuben Glassware Cocktail Glasses 243 Sleepy Cat, Carved Wood, Painted 10.5" L 244 Sitting Kitty, Carved Wood, Painted 10.75" H 245 Copper Planter Bucket, 10" X 9" 246 Casting Rod, Wood Handle 75" 247 Wood Frame Fishing Net, Rectangle 27" L 248 Giant Fishing Lure, Jointed Pike, 249 Fishing Creel Basket, Tightly Woven Willow 250 Fishing Creel Basket, Vintage, Woven Willow 251 Steuben Glass Paperweight, Signed 252 Clear Glass Paperweight, Signed 253 Pair Of Boudoir Room Sitting Chairs 254 Wood Frame Fishing Net, Vintage 24" 255 Seashell 256 Seashell Mesogastropoda Strombacea 257 Antique Bowl, Pink And Yellow Roses 258 Carved Wood Bird Statue, 8.5" High 259 Carved Wood Bird Statue, 6.5" High 260 Mesogastropoda Tonnacea (helmet) Seashell, 261 Vintage Framed Print Victorian Girl In Pink 262 Brass Match Safe For Long Match Sticks 263 Fishing Creel Basket, Tightly Woven Willow 264 Extra Large Fishing Lure By Ken Picou 1997 265 Stained Glass Window Hanger 266 Glass Shade Teardrop Lamps, Vintage, Pair 267 Seashell 268 Wooden Mallard Duck Decoy 14" 269 Glass Egg Paperweight Etched Flowers 3" 270 Vintage Godinger Silver Reindeer Candelabra 271 Neogastropoda Muricacea Seashell 7" 272 Vintage Metal Fishing Rod, Telescoping 273 Archaeogstropoda Pleurotomariacea Seashell 274 Seattle Skyline Metal Art, Vintage, 30" X 13" 275 Carved Wood Mask, Vintage '79, 13.5" 276 Telephone Lamp, Antique Copper & Brass 277 Carved Wood Sculptures, Vintage, 278 Aftrican Sculpture, Vintage, Carved Wood 279 Primitive Wolf Trap, Iron 280 Back Pack, Vintage, Canvas And Wood 281 Carved Wood Mask, 23" 282 Lighted Globe, 12", Dtd 1970-76 283 Antique Brass And Copper Torch, 7 1/2" 284 Glass Insulators, Vintage, Pair, 1 Hemingray 42 285 Snowshoes, Vintage, Wood And Animal Hide 286 Vintage Wooden Slicer, Crinkle Cut 14" 287 Metal Umbrella Basket, Vintage 18" 288 Mesogastropoda Tonnacea (helmet) Seashell 7" 289 Starfish Seashells 290 Archaeogstropoda Trochacea Seashell 291 Archaeogstropoda Trochacea Seashell 292 Neogastropoda Buccinacea Seashell 293 Seashell 294 Brass Fire Poker Set, Vintage 295 Bamboo And Brass Boat, Vintage 296 Art Deco Green Velvet Club Chairs, Vintage 297 Danish Modern Oak Wood Slat Bench 298 Grundig Maximale Belastung Speaker, Mcm 299 Galvanized Boiler Wash Tub With Lid, Vintage 300 Driftwood Birdhouse 23" X 14" 301 Coleman Model 460g Vintage Stove 302 Seashell 4" 303 Coral 3" 304 Coral 2.5" 305 Seashell 7" 306 Coral 2" 307 Coral 3.5" 308 Cast Iron Candle Holder 6" 309 Coral 3" 310 Side Cabinet, Wood 24" X 16" X 30" 311 Silverplate Flatware Set, Vintage 312 Skillet Set - Griswold No. 8 Plated 10.5", 313 Vintage Green Plastic Side Table 314 Cat Figurine 11" 315 Paragon Bone China Tea Cup Set, Vtg 316 Vintage Metal Flower Sculpture Lamp 317 Victorian Antique Copper Coffe Pot - Tea Pot 318 Antique Sad Iron And Rest, W H Howell Co 319 Seashells 4" 320 Seashells 4" 321 Fenton Ruffled Edge Hobnail Nappy Bowl 322 Coral 2.5" 323 Lefton China Figurine, Elizabeth, Vintage 324 Green Satin Glass Pitcher, Vintage 325 Purple Carnival Glass Berry Bowl 5" Imperial 326 Coral 3" 327 Seashell 5" 328 Satin Glass Dresser Box, Vintage 329 Antique Lamp, Wild Rose, Glass Ball Shade 330 Writing Box, Vintage, Green Vinyl, 331 Puppies In A Basket, 17" X 14" 332 Tole` Painted Metal Serving Tray, Vintage 333 Vintage Glass Dish, Light Blue 4" 334 Berry Bowls, Wavy Opalescent Rim 5 7/8" 335 Magnifying Glass Paperweight 3" 336 Coffee Table, Rectagle Glass Top With Molded 337 Bunnies By The Bay Stuffed Animal 338 Carved Wooden Horse Natural Color, Leather Saddle 339 Black Carved Wooden Horse Berlin, Gemany 340 Folk Art Carved Wooden Horse With Black Mane, 341 Brass Horse Head Shoe Horn 342 Hooks With Brass Horse Head And Brass Handle 343 Black Cast Iron Vase 344 Hourglass Brass And Glass 345 Ceramic Sculpture, The End Of The Trail Replica 346 Metal Box, Vintage Floral Pattern, Holland, 347 Blanket Chest, Brass Hardware, Hand Cut Dovetail. 348 Birdhouse Swedish High Rise Condo. 349 Carved Cat, Painted White, Black, Blue And Orange 350 2 Wooden Cats Black And White Striped. 18" 351 Carved Wooden Horse, Galloping 352 Three Dark Wood Carved Animals, All Birds 353 Seashell 7.5 354 Bamboo Mahogany Chest, 10.5x6.5x2" 355 Two Carved Ducks By Dcuk, Freya & Norman 356 Carved Wooden Cat Puzzle, 4.75" 357 Woven Wicker Horse And Rider Carrying Shoulder Bag 358 Wheel Barrow 50x20" 359 Oval Sewing Box With Contents 360 Wicker Basket With Lid And Handle 361 Carved Cat, Black 18" 362 Brass Giraffe 33" 363 Sewing Machine, Singer, Portable, With Case 364 Small Bird House, 12.5 365 Cat Sculpture, Two Cats In Frame. Balinese, Indo. 366 Fishing Cat, Seated, Pokadots, 8" 367 Set Of Brass Giraffes, Four Pcs 3-7" 367A Three Carved Horses, Glass And Stone, 2-4" 368 Polar Bear, Ceramic, Acoma Indians, 3.5" 369 Walrus, Carved Stone, 4" 370 Vintage Mirror, Rococco, Plastic, 26" 371 Small Steel Sculpture Of Forest, 24" 372 Large Steel Sculpture Of Forest, 37" 373 Brass Eagle, Small, 11 3/8" 374 Medium Brass Eagle, 13.5, Wood Base. 375 American Eagle Ceramic, Salmon, Painted 376 3 Brass Bucks, 11.5, 12.75, 16" 377 Horsehead Bookends, Ceramic, 12", Dr70 378 Pair Of Cat Lamps, Bronze And Frosted Glass 379 Abalone Shell, 7.5 380 Wall Panels, Flowers And Swallows 381 Two Cameo Wall Hangings, Oval Frame 382 Brass Sculpture, Geese And Sunray Design 383 Two Stoneware Birds, 2" 384 Brass Cricket, Jointed, 3.75" 385 Bronze Eagle, 3.75", Avon 1985 386 Horse Mare And Foal, Painted Bronze, 12.5" 387 Brass Crab, Top Opens, 19x15" 388 Brass Seal, 10", 389 Brass Sailboat, 13.25" 390 Ceramic White Cat, 9" 391 Ceramic Black Cat, Art Deco, 14" 392 Brass Swan, 8" 393 Room Divider, Wood Panels, Lacquered And Painted, 394 Birdhouse, Seahawks, 24" 395 2 Birdhouses. 9" 396 Birdhouse, Small, Seahawks, 9" 397 Beer Mugs, 5 Matching, 5.5" 398 Two Beer Mugs, 5.5" 399 Stein, Grez, W. Germany, 7.5" 400 Avon Soap Dish And After Shave, Nib 401 Avon Steins The Building Of America Stein 402 3 Avon Steins Conquest Of Space The Gold Rush 403 2 Avon Steins, Christmas And A Christmas Carol 404 Avon Knights Of The Relm Stein 405 4 Avon Steins, Tribute To American Firefighters 406 5 Avon Steins, Baseball, Winners Circle, Rainbow 407 Schlitz Beer Mug, 408 Old Fitzgerald Bottle, 1974 409 3 Avon Steins And 3 Mugs Tribute To The Wild West, 410 5 Avon Steins And 1 Mug 411 3 Avon Steins, 412 4 Avon Wildlife Steins. 413 Birdhouse Idaho License Plates, 11.5" 414 Large Birdhouse, Washington License Plates And 415 Two Kitchen Iron Wall Racks. 16 & 11" 416 Hanging Kitchen Iron Rack With Hooks, 22" 417 Fishing Tackle Set, Creek Chubb Bait Company 418 Victorian Antique Lamp And Shade, Electrified. 419 Victorian Hand Painted Shade 36 Crystals And Lamp 420 Victorian Hanging Pulley, Lamp Hardware, 421 Brass Lamp, No Shade. 422 Brass Square Lamp 1976, No Shade 423 Brass Kerosene Lamp, British Made, Resevoir Has 424 Lamps Shades For Parts. Hurricane Base Diameter 425 Electrified Kerosene Lamp Base, No Shade.8" 426 Electrified Kerosene Lamp Base, With Shades 427 Small Brass Lamp 18" 428 Pressed Glass Kerosene Lamp, 13" 429 Green Glass Bottle, 12.5". Would Make A 430 Cat Mirror, 14.5", Carved Wood. 431 Whimsical Stoneware Teapot 7.5. 432 Evans Pottery Bowl. 7.5" 433 Art Pottery Vase, Weed Pot. Chip In Top Rim.9" 434 Cast Iron Fryer-dutch Oven. 14x7", Chinese. 435 Singer Merritt Sewing Machine, Portable, 3014 436 Duck Decoy, Carved Wood, 16", Stamped Hand Made. 437 Duck Decoy, Carved Wood, 16". 438 Two Duck Decoys, Carved Wood, Chinese Stamp,10" 439 Duck Decoy, Carved Wood, 13.5". 440 Duck Decoy, Carved Wood, 15". 441 Duck Decoy, Carved Wood, 14", Stamped Hand Made. 442 Duck Decoy Gang, 3, Painted, Paper With Wood 443 3 Duck Decoys, Painted Styrofoam, 17", Rough 444 4 Duck Decoys, Paper And Plastic, Painted, 445 3 Decorative Ducks, Ceramic And Wood. 4-7" 446 2 Ceramic Birds, Decorative, 7.5" 447 Disco Parakeet, Mirrored, Some Mirror Missing, 9" 448 Decorative Birds, Ceramic Hen, Paper With 449 Folk Art Chicken, Vintage, Real Feathers, 450 4 Hummingbird Ornaments, Metal And Enamel, 451 Rustic Rooster, Stuffed With Wood Feet, 14" 452 2 Stuffed Ducks, The Hunter, Green Heads 453 2 Chicken Baskets, Wicker And Wire. 13" 454 Kraut Cutter, Mandolin, Wood And Steel, 26" 455 Water Can, Galvanized,11", Dented. 456 Birdhouse, Painted Wood, Home Sweet Home 9" 457 2 Woven Baskets, Wood And Sisal, 10-15" 458 Aluminum Kettle And Trivet, Oversized Kettle, 459 Serving Tray, Hammered Copper With Brass H 460 Ball Quart Jar, Ideal, Green Glass, Clear Lid, 461 Wood Display Trunk, Flip Top, Finger Joints, 462 Large Fan, Bamboo And Paper, 50" 463 Rolling 3 Shelf, Rattan, 28.5x25x15.5 464 2 Painted Plates, Vintage, Gold Guilding, 9.75 465 2 Tea Cup And Saucers, Made In Occupied Japan 466 Panited Shallow Bowl, Vintage, Reinhold 467 Dessert Plate, Painted, Vintage, Gold 468 Serving Plate, Painted, Vintage, Rose Design, 469 Candy Dish, Vintage, Chuba China, 6.25" 470 Biscuit Service With Four Small Plates, Vintage, 471 Display Plate, Vintage, Painted, Raised Motif, 472 3 Cups And Saucers, Vintage, Painted, 473 3 Painted Plates, Vintage, Rose, Bouquet, G 474 2 Plates And Bowls, Vintage, Schumann Arzberg 500 Royal Doulton " Forty Winks" Figurine 501 Jar Of Vintage Buttons 502 Regal Beam Vintage Taper Oil Candles 503 Haeger Pottery Footed Bowl, 1985 504 Ceramic Dish, Brown Glazed 10.5" 505 Pair Of Crystal Vases, 11 3/4" 506 Green And White Floral Ceramic Bowl 6.5" H 507 Nutcraker Bowl 8 1/2" 508 Revere Ware Miniature Copper Tea Pot 509 R C A Victor Tube Radio, Vintage C1940s 510 Matchbooks From Around The World 511 Clamshell Serving Dish El Camino Usa Pottery 512 Footed Clay Dish, Sgraffito With Gold Accents 513 Hand Thrown Earthenware Pitcher, 11" High 514 Vintage Water Pitcher, Grape Leaf Motif, 515 Glazed Ceramic Vase, Teal And Grey 9.25"h 516 Salt Glazed Stoneware Jug, 7 3/4" High 517 Chinese Glass Flower Art, Assorted 518 Drink With The Fishes Cocktail Glasses 519 Cut Crystal Cream And Sugar 520 Crystal Cigarette Ashtray, Vintage, 8" Wide 521 Glass Basket 7"h X 6.75"w 522 Waterford Marquis Martini Glass 6 5/16" High 523 Crystal Dishes Assorted - Hobstar Pattern 523A Cut Crystal Hobstar, Candy Dish And Vase, 10" 523B Cut Crystal Hobstar, Serving Dish Set, 3 Pcs 523C Cut Crystal Hobstar, Sugar Bowl And Candy Dish 523D Cut Crystal Hobstar, Candy Dish And Vase, 6.25" 524 Coat Of Arms Presentation Goblets, " Cloud" 525 Long Handle Masher, Vintage 22 1/2" 526 Vintage Glass Rolling Pin 527 Hand Crank Juicer, Vintage 528 Enterprise Vintage No-clamp Meat Grinder 529 Glassware, Assorted Vases, Bottles, Etc 530 Dishware, Assorted Cups & Saucers 531 Assorted Figurines, Vases, Jewelry Trays, 532 Glassware, Assorted Dishes, Cake Plate, Misc 533 Bronze And Brass Lamp, Vintage 32" High 534 Ceramic Lamp, Vintage 22" High 535 Asian Statue, 22" High 536 Vintage Lamp, Hand Painted Bridge Scene 537 Large Onion Jar, Soda Green Glass, 11" 538 Pair Onion Jars, Clear Glass, 6 1/2" 539 Comet Aluminum Coffee Pot, Vintage, 8" 540 Large Cut Crystal Vase, 11.75" 541 Victorian Style Brass Watering Pitcher, 542 Solid Brass Bud Vases, Victorian Style 543 Chokin Flower Vase, Porcelain And 24k Gold 544 Vintage Sauce And Condiment Bottles 545 Luxora Cleansing And Polishing Product, 546 Rawleigh's Imitation Grape Syrup, Vitage 547 Androck Herb Grinder, Vintage, 6" 548 Flower Head Vase, Porcelain,16 5/16" 549 Milk Glass Nesting Hen, 7" 550 Vintage Glass Trinket Trays And Candy Dishes 551 Serving Dish Set, Clear Glass, Silver Accented 552 Glass Canister Kitchen Mixer, Vintage, 1 Cup 553 Glass Canister Kitchen Mixer, Vintage, 1 1/2 Cup 554 Glass Ice Bucket, With Handle 9 1/2" 555 Retro Clear Glass Beverage Dispenser, 13" 556 Dish Set, Vintage, Blue And White Floral Pattern, 557 Dish Set, Vintage, Berry And Fruit Pattern, 558 Clear Cut Glass, Cocktail Party Hosting Dish Set 559 Etched Wine Glasses And Serving Platter 560 Glass Salad Bowls, Floral Medallion Pattern 561 Hand Wrought Aluminum Dishes, Hammered, 562 Brass Lamp 26" 563 Bald Eagle With Open Claws Over Cobra Snake 564 Genuine Stoneware Bowl Set, Bamboo Pattern 565 Glass Flower Mimi Vase, Blue And Green 566 Leaded Glass Pedestal Display Bowl, 9 5/8" 567 Blown Glass Vase, Blue And White Splash 568 Clear Glass Display Vase, Heavy Bottom, 9 X 7 1/2" 569 Green Soreno Glass Vase, 9 1/2" 570 Carvel Hall Steak Knife Set, Vintage, Set Of 8 571 Carvel Hall Carving Set, Vintage, 572 Miniature Dessert Plates Godinger Silver Art 573 Sadler Tea Pot, Hand Painted Floral Pattern On 574 Silver Plated Electric Warmer 5 1/4" X 5 1/2" 575 Ascot Silver Plated Water Pitcher Sheffield Design 576 Ascot Silver Plated Salt And Pepper Sheffield 577 Solid Brass Dresser Tray, 9" X 6 3/4" 578 Tea Set, Vintage, Opal Luster With Hand Painted 579 Pink Glass Footed Display Bowl, 580 Pink Glass Nappy Bowl, 5 1/4" High X 9 3/4" Wide 581 Silver Plated Serving Ware, Assorted 582 Vintage Wheat Pattern Bone China Dishes 583 Tea Set, Vintage, White With Gold And Black Accens 584 Silver On Copper Serving Trays, Vintage 585 Assorted Silverware 586 Pewterlite Serving Platter With Glass Trays 587 Silver Plated Turkey Platter Henley Community 18" 588 Seashells, Assorted Basket 589 Shells - Clam, Oyster, Scallop, Assorted 590 Seashells, Mesogastropoda Cypraceacea, Pair 591 Seashell, Mesogastropoda Cypraceacea, Hawaii 592 Seashells, Sand Dollars 593 Seashell, Cherry Jewel Box, Chama Sarda 594 Abalone Shell, Archaeogastropoda 6 1/4" 595 Seashell, Mesogastropoda Strombacea 11" 596 Abalone Shell, Archaeogastropoda 7" 597 Seashells, Mesogastropoda Strombacea 3 Pcs 598 Seashells, Mesogastropoda Strombacea 3 Pcs 599 Seashells, Mesogastropoda Strombacea 3 Pcs 600 Seashells, Mesogastropoda Strombacea 3 Pcs 601 Seashells, Mesogastropoda Strombacea 4 Pcs 602 Seashells, Mesogastropoda Strombacea 3 Pcs 603 Seashells, Mesogastropoda Strombacea 5 Pcs 604 Seashells, Mesogastropoda Strombacea 5 Pcs 605 Seashell, Mesogastropoda Tonnacea 2 5/8" 606 Seashells, Neogastropoda Conacea 4 Pcs 607 Seashells, Mesogastropoda Assorted 3 Pcs 608 Seashells, Neogastropoda Assorted 3 Pcs 609 Seashells, Mesogastropoda Assorted 4 Pcs 610 Seashells, Neogastropoda Buccinacea 2 Pcs 611 Abalone Shell, Archaeogastropoda 8 1/4" 612 Pink Conch Shells, Strombus Gigas 8 3/4" 613 Abalone Shell, Archaeogastropoda 8" 614 Pink Conch Shell, Strombus Gigas 8 1/4" 615 Pink Conch Shell, Strombus Gigas 8 1/4" 616 Large Coral Shelf, 15" X 9 3/4" 617 Seashell 10" 618 Abalone Shell, Archaeogastropoda 7 1/4"
Auction Terms & Conditions YEP AUCTION SERVICE WASHINGTON LICENSE # 2458 TERMS: Buyers Premium of 10% will be added to final winning bid amount plus applicable sales tax of 8.5% All Items are sold as is-where is. ANY PURCHASES OVER $500.00 THAT REQUIRE SHIPPING Are Payable By Cashiers Check Or Wire Transfer Only. Including All Applicable Fees; Wire Transfer Fee, Shipping & Handling Fee, Insurance Fee And Restricted Delivery Fee. Your credit card will be charged immediately following the auction. *All buyers must pay for their purchases in full day of auction. Unless other arrangements have been made with staff. No refunds of any kind will be given, all items are sold as-is-where-is. YEP AUCTION SERVICE accepts the following forms of payment: • Cash • Cashiers Check • Wire Transfer • All major credit cards. 3% Convenience Fee added if payment made with credit card ADDITION TO OR WITHDRAWAL FROM SALE: YEP AUCTION SERVICE reserves the right to withdraw from Auction any of the items listed or to sell at this Auction items not listed, and also reserves the right to group one or more lots into one or more selling lots or to subdivide into two or more selling lots. Whenever the best interest of the seller is served, the auctioneer reserves the right to sell all of the items listed, in bulk. CONDITION OF ITEMS SOLD: YEP AUCTION SERVICE shall not be responsible for the correct description, authenticity, genuineness of, or defect in any lot, and makes no warranty in connection therewith. No allowance will be made or sale set aside on account of any incorrectness error in cataloguing or any imperfection not noted. No deduction will be allowed on damaged articles as all goods being exposed for public exhibition are sold "as-is" and without recourse, including shipped merchandise. ****By placing a bid, bidder signifies that they have examined the items to their satisfaction, or that they have chosen not to personally examine them. **** ADDITIONAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Any additional terms or conditions of sale, added by YEP AUCTION SERVICE , shall be announced prior to the Auction. REMOVAL: Removal shall be at the expense, liability, and risk of the purchaser. Purchases can be removed only upon presentation of a paid bill. YEP AUCTION SERVICE shall not be responsible for goods not removed within the time specified, and shall have the option of removing and storing at the expense and risk of the purchaser any article purchased. Items not removed within 48 hours of auction close will be considered abandoned property and sold at a future auction, unless an arrangment has been made with auction staff and owner of the property. NON-DELIVERY RESPONSIBILITY: YEP AUCTION SERVICE shall not, in any event, be liable for non removal or for any other matter or thing, to any purchaser of any lot, other than for the return to the purchaser of the deposit or sum paid on said lot, should the purchaser be entitled to it. CLAIMS: No refunds of any kind will be given, all items are sold as-is-where-is. PERSONAL AND PROPERTY RISK: Persons attending during preview, exhibition, sale or removal of goods assume all risks of damage of or loss to person and property and specifically release YEP AUCTION SERVICE from liability therefore. Attendees prohibited from the operation, testing of power equipment. Neither YEP AUCTION SERVICE nor principal shall be liable in the event of any dispute. YEP AUCTION SERVICE may tape record and/or video tape any auction and buyer agrees to allow such tape recording and/or video tape to be submitted as evidence in a court of law. Buyer agrees to pay all reasonable fees incurred in enforcing these terms. Waiver and release by Registered Bidder. Registered Bidder assumes full responsibility for his/her physical condition and safety in this [Event]. The Registered Bidder further understands and agrees that, as a condition of being allowed to participate in the [Event], Registered Bidder assumes all risks that may occur during Registered Bidders participation in the [Event], including but not limited to, those associated with the forces of nature, physical injury or illness, and accidents resulting from rain. Registered Bidder shall hold YEP AUCTION SERVICE harmless from any and all liability, actions, causes of action, debts, claims, demands of every kind and nature whatsoever that may arise from or in connection with Registered Bidders participation in the [Event] arranged by the YEP AUCTION SERVICE. Registration for this auction by internet or live appearance shall serve as acceptance of auction terms and as a release and assumption of risk for Registered Bidder and all members of Registered Bidders family, including any minor accompanying Registered Bidder. AGENCY: The Auctioneer is acting as agent only and is not responsible for acts of its principals. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sebae Data Solutions, Inc. SERVICE TERMS AND CONDITIONS ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS Sebae Data Solutions, (the makers of Auction Flex & HiBid (formerly Bidopia) hereafter referred to as "Sebae"), provides its service to you, subject to the following Terms & Conditions ("TAC"), which we may update from time to time without notice to you. The most current version of the TAC can be found found at any time by visiting the link: USE AND REGISTRATION Our services are available only to, and may only be used by individuals who can form legally binding contracts under applicable law. Without limiting the foregoing, our services are not available to children (persons under the age of 18) or to temporarily or indefinitely suspended members. If you are under the age of 18, you can use this service only in conjunction with, and under the supervision of your parents or guardians. If you do not qualify, please do not use our service. If you are registering as a business entity, you represent that you have the authority to bind the entity to the TAC. REGISTRATION OBLIGATIONS In consideration of your use of the Service, you agree to: (a) provide true, accurate, current and complete information about yourself as prompted by the Service's registration form (such information being the "Bidder Information") and (b) maintain and promptly update the Registration Data to keep it true, accurate, current and complete. If you provide any information that is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, or Sebae has reasonable grounds to suspect that such information is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, Sebae has the right to suspend or terminate your account and refuse any and all current or future use of the Service (or any portion thereof).  DESCRIPTIONS OF SERVICE Sebae provides the following services under the Auction Flex & HiBid trademarks: Integrated Web Service (for auctioneers), internet bidding (absentee, online-only, & webcast). You can learn more about these services in the following sections. HIBID INTERNET AUCTION PLATFORM & WEB SERVICE DESCRIPTION Sebae provides the HiBid (formerly Bidopia) Internet Auction Platform & Web Service ("HWS") under the HiBid trademark as a software solution for auctioneers wishing to extend the audience of their live auctions to the internet. The HWS provides various features including internet absentee bidding, internet-only auctions, and webcast auctions.  The HWS is able to changes its appearance to coincide with the website that it is powering. Accordingly, the HWS powers the website as well as numerous Auction Flex customer websites. This ability to change appearance is a feature of the HWS. Much like internet merchant account providers can host a secure web page for a vendor to easily process payments, the HWS hosts certain portions of the auctioneer's website to easily enable advanced features such as internet bidding.  INTERNET ABSENTEE BIDDING Internet absentee bidding allows you to place a bid for an item in advance of an auction. This allows you to place bids on lots without actually attending the auction. INTERNET-ONLY AUCTIONS Internet only bidding allows you to place a bid for an item prior to the auction lot closing online. In an internet-only auction there is no live auction. WEBCAST AUCTIONS Webcast auctions allow you to bid in real-time against other bidders or place pre-bids prior to a lot going "live". Lots are sold in accordance with the Auctioneer's terms and conditions which are accessible from each lot's page. It is your responsibility to read and accept the Auctioneer's terms and conditions prior to placing your bid. When you place a bid you are agreeing to be bound by the Auctioneer's & Sebae's terms and conditions. By placing a bid you are entering into a legally binding and enforceable contract. Please keep in mind that you are bidding against other internet bidders as well as floor bidders, phone bidders, and regular absentee bidders (this list does not constitute a complete list of bidder types but does highlight the common bidder channels). The auctioneer, at their discretion, can approve or deny bidders. The auctioneer reserves the right to accept or deny bidders for any reason. Prior to approval the auctioneer may contact you to determine your credit worthiness. If the auctioneer approves your bid, the auctioneer will then process your bid in accordance with their terms and conditions. Should your bid for a lot prove successful, the auctioneer may contact you to arrange for payment & shipping (if applicable). If the auctioneer required registration via a credit card, the auctioneer reserves the right to process your winning bids to the credit card provided during registration. Sebae, through the Auction Flex & HiBid products & services, facilitates the internet bidding process between the Auctioneer & the bidder. Sebae is in no way a party to the transaction. Because Sebae is not a party to the transaction, you accept that you will have no claim or cause of action against Sebae in respect of the sale (or non-sale) of any Lot. If you have a dispute with an Auctioneer or another user of the Service with regard to the sale (or non-sale) of any Lot you agree that Sebae, its officers, agents, employees will not be liable for losses (including, but not limited to, loss of profits, special loss, indirect loss and consequential los), costs, damages, liabilities, claims, demands and expenses of any kind arising out of or connected with such dispute. You also accept that none of the aforementioned are under any obligation to take any action to resolve any dispute between you and an Auctioneer Sebae is not responsible for any typographical, pictorial or technical errors in information about Lots on the Site as provided by Auctioneers. Sebae does not evaluate Lots and does not act as a specialist or expert on any related subject matter. Sebae makes no warranties or representation of any kind or nature with respect to Lots (including but not limited to representations or warranties as to the accuracy of description, genuineness, quality, authorship, attribution, provenance, period, culture, source, origin or safety). If you have any questions, e-mail the Auctioneer directly. In particular, make sure that you understand the Auctioneer's payment terms and shipping terms. BIDDING The Service requires you to login with your username and password prior to placing a bid on a Lot. Making bids with false information or with stolen credit card information is prohibited and illegal. Your user name and password are required in order to place internet bids. Making bids in a false name or with an invalid or stolen credit card is prohibited. Each bid carries the computer coding of the Internet provider which allows the individual user to be traced and Sebae may at its discretion release this information to enable legal action to be taken. Sebae may, in its entire discretion, refuse or remove bids where it suspects that bids contravene this prohibition. By placing a bid, you are making a binding and irrevocable offer to purchase the Item at any price up to the maximum bid amount you submit. If you win, you must complete the transaction, subject to any contractual right or other right at law to rescind the contract in certain circumstances. Failure to complete transaction without lawful reason is not only a breach of your contract with the Seller but also a breach of this User Agreement. The amount bid can be increased but cannot be decreased. The auctioneer may, at their discretion, allow you to withdraw and resubmit a bid in the case of bids containing an obvious typographical error. You may forward a request to withdraw a bid and resubmit a correct bid by immediately sending an email to the auctioneer, however, there is no guarantee that any bid will be withdrawn. Although Sebae will use best efforts to forward all bids, Sebae does not accept any responsibility for lost bids or problems with the recipient auctioneer's ability to process your bid. Moreover, Sebae cannot guarantee that bids received will be processed by the individual auctioneers. Please note that Sebae's role is limited to the provision of the Site for dissemination and publication of information provided by the Sellers. THE WINNING BID The winning bid in an auction will be the highest bid that exceeds any reserve (if a reserve exists). In the case of equal bids, the earliest bid received will be the winning bid. If a higher bid is subsequently withdrawn or removed then the auctioneer shall have the right to accept the next highest bid. NOTICE OF END OF SALE, PAYMENT & SHIPPING After the sale has ended, the auctioneer will notify the winning bidder via phone, fax or mail that they have won. If you do not receive notice that you have made the winning bid and think that you are the top bidder, you should check with the auctioneer directly. You will make all payment for Items to the auctioneer in accordance with their terms and conditions. BUYER'S PREMIUM, TAXES AND DUTIES If you are a successful bidder, you are responsible for paying any buyer's premium, taxes and duties (including any VAT, sales tax and import duties) that may be imposed on the final price paid for an Item. Accordingly, it is your responsibility to check the applicable taxes and duties that may be imposed on an Item prior to bidding for it. PRIVACY We do not sell or rent your personal information to third parties for their marketing purposes without your explicit consent and we only use your information as described in the Privacy Policy. COPYRIGHT All material and content as provided by the Service is protected by copyright and similar rights. You can not use or make available any of that material for any commercial purpose. SPECIAL ADMONITIONS FOR INTERNATIONAL USE Recognizing the global nature of the Internet, you agree to comply with all local rules regarding online conduct and acceptable content. Specifically, you agree to comply with all applicable laws regarding the transmission of technical data exported from the United States or the country in which you reside. DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTIES You expressly understand and agree that: a. Your use of the service is at your sole risk. The service is provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis. Sebae expressly disclaims all warranties of any kind, whether express or implied, including, but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement. b. Sebae makes no warranty that (i) the service will meet your requirements, (ii) the service will be uninterrupted, timely, secure, or error-free, (iii) the results that may be obtained from the use of the service will be accurate or reliable, (iv) the quality of any products, services, information, or other material purchased or obtained by you through the service will meet your expectations, and (v) any errors in the software will be corrected. c. Any material downloaded or otherwise obtained through the use of the service is done at your own discretion and risk and that you will be solely responsible for any damage to your computer system or loss of data that results from the download of any such material. d. no advice or information, whether oral or written, obtained by you from Sebae or through or from the service shall create any warranty not expressly state in the TAC. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY You expressly understand and agree that Sebae shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or exemplary damages, including but not limited to, damages for loss of profits, goodwill, use, data or other intangible losses (even if Sebae has been advised of the possibility of such damages), resulting from: (i) the use or the inability to use the service; (ii) the cost of procurement of substitute goods and services resulting from any goods, data, information or services purchased or obtained or messages received or transactions entered into through or from the service; (iii) unauthorized access to or alteration of your transmissions or data; (iv) statements or conduct of any third party on the service; or (v) any other matter relating to the service. EXCLUSIONS AND LIMITATIONS Some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion of certain warranties or the limitation or exclusion of liability for incidental or consequential damages. Accordingly, some of the above limitations of of the previous two sections titled 'Disclaimer of Warranties' and 'Limitation of Liability' may not apply to you. INDEMNITY You agree to indemnify and hold Sebae harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys' fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of your breach of this Agreement or the documents it incorporates by reference, or your violation of any law or the rights of a third party. LEGAL COMPLIANCE You shall comply with all applicable domestic and international laws, statutes, ordinances and regulations regarding your use of our service and your bidding on, listing, purchase, solicitation of offers to purchase, and sale of items. GENERAL INFORMATION The TAC constitute the entire agreement between you and Sebae and govern your use of the Service, superseding any prior agreements between you and Sebae. The TAC and the relationship between you and Sebae shall be governed by the laws of the State of Florida without regard to its conflict of law provisions. You and Sebae agree to submit to the personal and exclusive jurisdiction of the courts located within the county of Marion, Florida. The failure of Sebae to exercise or enforce any right or provision of the TAC shall not constitute a waiver of such right or provision. If any provision of the TAC is found by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, the parties nevertheless agree that the court should endeavor to give effect to the parties' intentions as reflected in the provision, and the other provisions of the TAC remain in full force and effect. You agree that regardless of any statute or law to the contrary, any claim or cause of action arising out of or related to use of the Service or the TAC must be filed within one (1) year after such claim or cause of action arose or be forever barred.
Your bid must adhere to the bid increment schedule.
Bid Amount Bid Increment
0.00 - 49.00 1.00 USD
49.01 - 98.00 2.00 USD
98.01 - 250.00 5.00 USD
250.01 - 100,000.00 10.00 USD
100,000.01 - 9,999,999.99 10,000.00 USD
Currency USD
Buyer Premium 10% Buyer's Premium
Payment Terms
Buyers Premium of 10% will be added to final winning bid amount plus applicable sales tax of 8.5% All Items are sold as is-where is. ANY PURCHASES OVER $500.00 THAT REQUIRE SHIPPING Are Payable By Cashiers Check Or Wire Transfer Only. Including All Applicable Fees; Wire Transfer Fee, Shipping & Handling Fee, Insurance Fee And Restricted Delivery Fee. Your credit card will be charged immediately following the auction. *All buyers must pay for their purchases in full day of auction. Unless other arrangements have been made with staff. No refunds of any kind will be given, all items are sold as-is-where-is. YEP AUCTION SERVICE accepts the following forms of payment: • Cash • Cashiers Check • Wire Transfer • VISA, MC, DISCOVER, AMERICAN EXPRESS. 3% Convenience Fee added if payment made with credit card
Questions about shipping? Pick up- MONDAY AUGUST 13TH 3-8PM TIME SLOTS A) 3-4 pm B) 4-5 pm C) 5-6 pm D) 6-7 pm E) 7-8 pm Location- 1309 BOUSLOG RD. SUITE 109 BURLINGTON, WA 98233 360-281-2726